Prasenjit Biswas

Global warming & its impact

Global warming is a major concern for every one of us because of its adverse impact on our survival and growth. The 4th Assessment on Climate Change (2007) Synthesis Report of the Inter-Governmental
Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states that, ‘Most of the observed increase in globally-averaged
temperatures since the mid-20th century is very likely due to increase in anthropogenic Green House
Gas (GHG) concentrations’.

Large scale land use changes, migration to urban areas and fossil fuel intensive life style have triggered the Green House Gas (GHG) concentration, which are primarily responsible for such warming.
The consequences of such actions may lead to melting of glaciers, rise in sea level, sudden storms, cloud bursts, cyclones, droughts, flood and other extreme weather events which were never experienced.
The climate change is now at the centre stage of poverty reduction agenda because it is apprehended
that the people of our country, being poor, are more vulnerable to climate change phenomenon due
to their low adaptive capacity and higher dependence on climate sensitive natural resources for their
living. And so their strife would be more.

It is therefore imperative that we generate an atmosphere where people shall have commitment to a
climate resilient growth which would certainly enrich our understanding of this important issue of green economy.

This understanding shall go a long way in reducing the vulnerability and promoting climate resilient growth in the state.

(Prasenjit Biswas is a member of Indian Forest Service (Cadre: Tripura) and currently Tripura’s Conservator of Forests)