Shri P.K.Dong

Eco-tourism, which is also known as Green Tourism, is pro-nature, pro local culture and pro poor. Eco tourism has become a vibrant industry in many tourist destinations. Garo Hills have abundance of natural and cultural resources that are necessary for development of eco tourism.

As we are aware, time has changed, and in tourism sector also, like in other sectors, the trends,
interest and fashion of tourists have changed dramatically.

Previously foreign tourist used to come to India with the sole purpose of visiting the Taj Mahal, the forts, palaces and archeological complexes.

But these days an increasing number of tourists are coming to India to see the nature. They visit
National Parks, green vegetation, wild life, the Himalayan region, marine life, village life, the traditional culture, handicrafts, handlooms and their design, fairs and festivals of local people.

Tourists prefer to visit less visited and less known and, if possible, unexplored tourist destination, but with hygienically clean amenities.

sublime beauty of its natural resources, and preserving the local traditions in their authentic form.

After the development of eco tourism in various countries and regions like East Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and even at home in India, it can be asserted that Eco tourism, if developed properly, can make a positive financial bottom line, making the local people economically prosperous as well as making them naturally conscious of the need for protecting the local natural and cultural environment.


(Shri Dong is the former Regional Director of Tourism of Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India)