Padmashri Jadav Payeng

My forest is one of the biggest houses where all animals can live!

I am thankful to Vibgyor Media Solutions for organising this programme. I believe that trees are extremely important for both human beings and animals and without trees; we human beings wouldn’t survive on this beautiful earth.

My forest is one of the biggest houses where all animals can live. I urge each and every person in this world to plant trees. If 700 crore people plant one tree each every day, than it will help to change the climate conditions, otherwise we will have to face trouble in the future.

People ask me what I get from the State Government. I said, “I don’t expect anything from anybody. I want to continue working for my country, my state.”

Former president APJ Abdul Kalam, while presenting me with the Diamond Award in July 2012 at Mumbai, appreciated my effort, my endeavour. Kalam sir said I have done the noblest job in this world and his blessing will always be with me.

When I visited an University in Europe, I meet 12 Indian students there. I asked them to come back to India once they complete their education and work for their country. Many Indian scientists and doctors live in foreign countries. I believe that if they work for their own nation, the country will develop more.

I have urged the State Education department to make Environmental Science subject compulsory from LP School so that the students right from the beginning of their academic life can learn about environment.

(Payeng, who created his own forest of about 1,360 acres / 550 hectares in Assam’s Jorhat district, received the Padmashri in 2015. He is popularly known as the ‘Forest Man of India’)