Kazi Muntashir Murshed

It was an honour for me to attend the North East Green Summit

It was an honour for me to attend the North East Green Summit together with the experts from Bangladesh at the Zizina Otis Resort, Pobitora, Morigaon on 1-5 November 2017 organized by VIVGYOR Media Solutions. I personally learnt a lot about the bio-diversity of the North East and the bordering countries from the deliberations of the eminent speakers attended the Summit.

Bangladesh being in the close vicinity of the North East of India place huge interests in this kind of noble endeavors and will always support the future Green Summits. It is very important to protect our nature and its inhabitants to realize a sustainable development in the region in particular and in general in the world. We must work together, share experiences to see how best we can preserve our nature. The North East Green Summit being a big platform brought together experts from the neighboring countries and I am sure the best practices will be followed so that we act in a harmonized way.

We must remember borders are demarcated perhaps for the human beings but not for the birds, animals or other creatures. The smooth movements of birds and others animals needs to be ensured by keeping the nature intact otherwise many species will be extinct. The Green Summit is absolutely a welcome initiative to preserve nature and bio-diversity.

I will look forward to the future initiatives of VIBGYOR Media Solutions on this issue. Finally I would like to thank the organizers as they hosted the event in Pobitora, one of flagship sanctuaries for the birds and animals, which will enable us to learn and practice in our respective countries.

(Mr. Kazi Muntashir Murshed is the Assistant High Commissioner of Bangladesh)