Ranjan Chatterjee, IAS (Retd.)

North East India: The unique biodiversity hotspot

This is with regard to the Northeast Green Summit which was a wonderful initiative by the organizer, which started in a small way in Tura of Meghalaya and then continued by taking it to different states of North East.

I attended the conference at Pobitora, Assam in December 2017. Nestled in the Forest Areas and not far from Guwahati, Pobitora was an ideal location.

The participation of all the major government organizations which are working towards environment protection in the North East made the Summit very poignant. There was a need for such a platform which wasn’t there earlier and hence this platform has been created. Henceforth, more and more people should take advantage of this platform, which deals with contemporary problems and solutions in the environment domain. The Northeast being a biodiversity hot spot, one can only hope for greater catalysis¬†for environment protection through such initiatives.

(Mr. Ranjan Chatterjee, IAS (Retd.) is the Former Expert Member of National Green Tribunal)